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  1. They are rare

  2. They make great race cars 

  3. Partout prices are high

  4. No newer cars in the evo price range could compete

  5. They are the modern day muscle car

This is an opinion piece

Why Are EVO's so Expensive?: Text

Expanding on #1 - They are rare:

Pop quiz, what's more rare, an FD RX7 or a evo 9?  It’s the evo 9! Again, wants more rare, the mk4 supra or the evo 9?  The evo 9.  The EVO’s closest competition in this market, the Subaru STI, (GD platform) is also not as rare as the evo CT9A platform. Also, there were more 1st generation true Z-28 chevy Camaros made than evo 8’s and 9’s in the US.  I mainly mention this one since I think the evo is a true modern day muscle car, and i'll expand more on that later.

The CT9A chassis in the US is what I’d call “sweet spot” rare.  Not so rare that no one knows about them or doesn't ever have a chance to drive them. But just rare enough when you see why driving down the road, it will turn heads for the average car guy.  

Expanding on #2 - They make great race cars:

They make great race cars.  The evo was a born and bread rally car.  But it can really do it all, from rally, to time attack, to autocross and drag racing.  Because of this, the evo is getting more rare in two ways.  1) accidents happen, evo’s get crashed.  When evo’s get crashed, less of them exist.  And 2) People turn them into full blown race cars.  Once you start removing front core supports and adding roll cages, cars are never really the same again.  This makes the more streetable, more desirable evo even more rare.

Expanding on #3 - Partout prices are high:

Partout prices are high.  Again, the evo is in that sweet spot of rarity.  Not much exists in the form of good aftermarket parts and OEM parts are also starting to be discontinued.   This is driving up prices for good OEM pieces.  Especially oem front bumpers, non-acd transfer cases, and the legendary 4g63 engine.  This is just based on my best guess, but even the rusty evo I recently picked up for 6K, I estimate to be worth 7-9k if parted out.  

Expanding on #4 - No newer cars in the evo price range could compete:

I’m sure i’m not covering the whole list, but when it comes to AWD turbo sedans, after the CT9A stopped production with the 2006 model year, not many other options were available in the under 40k price range. The evo 10, Ford Focus RS, and Subaru STI are the only ones that quickly come to my mind.  I think the larger question to ask is, where did people go if they moved on from the CT9A evo?  In my opinion, the next step up was to a car like the Nissan GT-R, Audi TTRS, Audi RS 3, or potentially switch to a rear wheel drive platform like a corvette, Mustang or Camaro.   With this switch, most owners see a higher initial car cost, and a higher maintenance cost.  For what the evo is capable of, its maintenance cost is relatively low, IMO.  So will moving “up” to an audi RS3, GTR or corvette get you a faster, more refined car than the evo 8 or 9? Yes, probably, but that's not the point…

Expanding on #5 - "Modern" day muscle car:

Even if an Audi RS trim car can run 10’s pretty easily, or a GTR can get 800awhp more reliably, it's not the same experience as an evo. The evo is the modern day muscle car.  It's the last of the raw, more mechanical vehicles before computer controlled, paddle shifting, self driving types of vehicles took over.  Want an automatic transmission evo 8 or 9, NOT an option? Want cruise control? Not an option!  5% of the CT9A evos don’t even have power windows.  

So, that is my opinion on current evo prices. Does this mean that the evo prices will continue to go up? Certainly not.  They very well could be at their peak.  My best guess is that prices will continue to climb, but that really is only my best guess. If you want more insight view my current evo pricing research.

Why Are EVO's so Expensive?: Text



Every detail you ever wanted to know about all the CT9A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Tail Light options.  This covers EVO 7/8/9's from all over the world.


This sheet breaks down my price and list price of Items that went into building my 440awhp EVO 8.


This sheet was used to create my video on how much it would cost to build a 2005 evo8 today with all new OEM parts. This video was created in Mid 2020.

Why Are EVO's so Expensive?: Files

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8/9 Cost

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8/9 Cost

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8/9 Cost
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Building an EVO today would cost over $65,000! - OEM parts add up.

Building an EVO today would cost over $65,000! - OEM parts add up.

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Why it Cost $5,750 to make a 400 Horsepower Mitsubishi EVO 8

Why it Cost $5,750 to make a 400 Horsepower Mitsubishi EVO 8

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